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Academic Services

Academic Services


Academic Affairs

At Austin Catholic, we encourage our students to go beyond STEM (the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and into the STREAM, a holistic education philosophy that also embraces religion and the arts.

In addition to our competitive science, technology, engineering, and mathematics course offerings, our Augustinian values and Catholic faith inform the students’ daily lives at Austin. With a full fine and applied arts curriculum, students can experience the joy of creativity and appreciation of life’s beauty. This is how we define the comprehensive, liberal arts education your student will receive at Austin Catholic.



The mission and responsibility of the Counseling Department is to advocate for students. We seek to develop a relationship with each student and become cognizant of the students’ academic, personal, social and spiritual strengths and weaknesses. We assist students in their developmental growth from freshman year through senior year and strive to maximize their potential in every way possible in partnership with parents and teachers.


Some of the Many Services We Provide:

  • academic counseling
  • personal counseling
  • parent teacher consultations
  • referral to counseling agencies
  • career education exploration
  • college selection
  • financial aid workshops
  • job shadowing
  • parent orientations
  • parent workshops
  • freshman parent night
  • junior college info night
  • organization & study skills assistance
  • classroom presentations on social issues