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Austin Catholic High School

The academic philosophy of Austin Catholic High School is based on the early liberal arts traditions and has been nurtured by the Augustinians in the United States since the founding of Villanova College (now University) in 1842.

As an independent, college preparatory school, our curriculum must first and foremost grow directly from our mission. In service to our students, we must consider each as an individual and work to capitalize on their strengths. We aim to prepare our students to not only have knowledge, but to also think critically and produce creatively. Each student works with our team of dedicated educators to develop individualized learning plans. Students not only take courses in the core subjects of math, English, social sciences, theology, science, and arts/technology, but they have off campus opportunities to extend learning and develop their interests. A full
range of both academic supports and advanced courses are available for students at all levels. One of the great advantages of an Austin education is our ability to educate the individual. Our curriculum is rigorous, our
student/teacher ratio is low, and our method is collaborative.

We are a place where the pursuit of truth goes beyond the classroom experience. Where the soft-skills and learning relationships between teacher : student and student : student bring out the best in everyone. As a result the Austin graduate possess more than just a transcript of “required” courses: he or she has been empowered to defend ideas and think critically; and inspired to act globally and morally in an ever changing world.

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