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Fall Sports

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The crusader philosophy

We believe strongly in the ideal of “Pursuing Victory with Honor.” The commitment to hard work, dedication to the team, respect for all, and good sportsmanship are cornerstones of our athletics program. All Austin Catholic High School coaches, players, parents, and fans are expected to display these qualities at all times. Crusader Athletics is guided by the belief that faith and community must come first and that participation in athletics must be accompanied by excellence in the classroom.  Our athletic program also believes in the value of competition and the life lessons that are learned as a result of participation in a competitive program.   

The goal of our athletics program is for all scholar-athletes to develop life skills that include: the ability to work with others effectively, the ability to lead others in a positive manner, the ability to perform at his/her best in competitive situations, the ability to enjoy athletic activities, and the ability to develop a personal lifetime fitness philosophy.  We offer multiple sports during all three sport seasons. The majority of our students participate in at least one sport, with many participating in two or more over the course of the school year.

Athletic Department

For additional information and/or questions, please contact:

Joe Bongiovanni
Athletic Director

Ron Glodich
Athletic Coordinator

Kellee Linsley
Athletic Administrative Assistant

Athletics Policies & Forms