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Dual Enrollment at Macomb

Dual Enrollment, like AP courses, plays a vital role in the rigorous curriculum of Austin Catholic. As a college
preparatory school, Austin offers Dual Enrollment and AP courses as its highest and most challenging academic experiences.


You do not have to wait until you graduate to begin earning credits toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. The Dual Enrollment and Early College programs offer you opportunities to take classes at Macomb while still in high school.

Austin Catholic participates in State Sponsored (Dual Enrollment) This option allows district approved non-public high school students to earn college credit, as well as potentially earn high school credit, for designated coursework. The school authorizes Macomb Community College to bill the State of Michigan for charges (including tuition, fees, and books) incurred by the student until maximum funding is reached. Billing is limited to a maximum dollar amount; students must pay any costs above the limit.

The following steps must be completed to enroll as an Dual Enrollment student:

i. Apply

ii. Austin students must submit a completed High School Dual Enrollment Sponsored Billing Authorization Form to the Office of Admissions & Outreach. A new High School Dual Enrollment Sponsored Billing Authorization Form must be submitted by the high school each semester that the student is sponsored.

iii. Before registering for the first semester, the applicant must complete his/her admission steps. These include, completing New Student Orientation; attending a Starting at Macomb Session with an academic advisor; obtaining a Macomb One Card; and taking the Placement Test.  Dual Enrollment students are not required to complete course planning.

Additional questions and inquiries may be directed to the Office of Admissions & Outreach at:

or earlyadmit@macomb.edu.