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Cross Country Team Hosts CHSL Intersectional Jamboree

Three miles of puddles...

Faced cross-country runners at the CHSL Jamboree on Tuesday, September 13th, 2023. The first of three Jamborees hosted by Catholic High Schools in the area was not without its challenges for race organizers, park rangers, and runners. The heavy rainfall the previous night and into the morning caused slight course modifications and less-than-ideal footing.

The 144 runners from 13 schools that participated in Tuesday’s event left it all on the course with many, running season personal records—with each stride, conquering the challenging terrain and the rising humidity. Their summer training prepared them not just to endure the miles but to push aside the self-doubt, through the discomfort and cross the finish line.

If you have ever attended a cross-country meet, you may have noticed that the sport stands out as a uniquely harmonious blend of individual achievement and team camaraderie. Runners have the chance to pursue their personal bests on race day. Yet, their cumulative efforts over the season contribute to the team’s success, making it a sport where individual and collective goals seamlessly intertwine.

congratulations to all the runners that ran on tuesday!

Girl’s Varsity Winner: Ava T (A.P. Cabrini) broke away early in the race and stayed ahead of all of the runners, taking home the victory with a time of 19:39.0.

Boy’s Varsity Winner: Abenezer  C (R.O. Shrine) ran a time of 16:47.1, pulling away from Tyler L (M.C. Cardinal Mooney) in the last straight away to secure the victory.

"I run cross country because I enjoy running longer distances and seeing how much I can push myself to achieve a goal... I enjoyed running through all the puddles and rain at Tuesday's meet."

crusader recap

Lead Finishers for ACHS:

  • Nico D
  • Evalyn T.


Crusaders that set Personal Records:

  • Andrew G
  • Charlie Ma


Crusaders that posted season best time:

  • Jordyn B.
  • Mary J.
  • Olivia K.
  • Michael L.

"My favorite part of cross country is how non-judgmental most of it is. No matter what time you get, your team and even random people will always cheer you on."

Thank you!


We would like to thank all the parents, students, and staff that volunteered their time to make this event a success. Thank you to all of the schools and runners for their patience and understanding when it came to the puddles and rain filled course. Thank you to the park officers and employees that were extremely helpful before, during and after the event!