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Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund helps to close the critical gaps in our yearly operational budget and ensures our young men and women continue to thrive in a well-rounded, inclusive, forward-looking, and compassionate environment. Our compelling mission of “Developing minds to lead, empowering hands to serve, and inspiring hearts to love,” feeds into every aspect of ACHS student life programming, supporting the many facets of a student’s experience, as well as faculty professional development, school-wide improvements in the arts, athletics, and extra-curricular activities.
We are deeply grateful to our supporters who have made Austin Catholic High School a philanthropic priority. Your tax-deductible gift impacts the lives of our young men and women every day and fosters a legacy which follows to benefit the communities they will serve.
We invite you to take a few moments to learn about the types of gifts that support our school and its mission:

Student Life

When reflecting on their Austin Catholic High School education, many of our alumni speak of the lessons that have sustained them, the connection they still have with their teachers and classmates, and the opportunities they received and appreciate. While tuition is essential to funding the quality of education delivered to our students, critical gaps still exist in the yearly budget. Annual Fund donations have supported vital programming in community building, civic engagement, and leadership development for our students.

Tuition Assistance

Our School has always had a tradition and commitment to ensuring that an Austin Catholic High School education is accessible to students of all economic backgrounds. Having a tuition assistance program allows us to enroll highly motivated students who could not otherwise afford to attend ACHS. Annual Fund donations which support tuition assistance are the best way to help maintain our objectives for socioeconomic diversity.

Innovation and Technology

Our classrooms have always been collaborative centers where students incorporate creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills into every discipline. To prepare our young men and women more extensively and keep them relevant in today’s society requires comprehensive technology proficiencies and the confidence to be innovative. Reimagining the classroom structure and tools is crucial and recently imperative in our ability to pivot during the pandemic. Annual Fund donations are critical to keeping us current, forward-thinking, and flexible in the classroom.

Professional Development and Training

Support, professional development, and mentorship for faculty to ensure their readiness to equip our young men and women with the skills and competencies necessary to thrive. Annual Fund donations help to keep our faculty at the forefront on how to educate their students best.