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Scrip / RaiseRight


Austin Catholic High School

Scrip it a no-selling program that allows families to raise money toward their tuition and the Austin Tuition Assistance fund!

You need an online account to take advantage of these special earnings. If you haven’t already, create an account today in our mobile app, RaiseRightTM or on ShopWithScrip.com. Using the app you can access your cards immediately and check out on the spot.

1. Create an account (the new app https://www.raiseright.com/ is great) and link your account to Austin. Families with existing Scrip accounts can use the new and improved app by signing in using your current username and password.

2. Shop for gift cards to your favorite restaurants, fast food, gas stations, clothing stores, travel locations, etc. at face value. Gift cards can be physical, e-cards, and many are re-loadable.

3. Austin receives a percentage rebate (1.5% to 18%) for each card purchase. YOU can use your scrip rebate toward YOUR tuition account or elect for it to be donated toward the general tuition assistance fund.

4. Shop using your gift card; and enjoy knowing you are paying off your tuition OR that you are helping another family by giving to the fund,