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The Austin Fund

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Making a tax-deductible gift to the AUSTIN FUND may seem like a small thing to do to support the school we love, but it makes a tremendous difference to AUSTIN.  This year the CARES Act has modified the tax code to increase the deductibility of charitable contributions. Individuals that do not itemize can deduct $300 of contributions in addition to their standard deduction.  Large donors and companies will no longer have a limitation on the amount of donations that are deductible.

The AUSTIN FUND is Austin Catholic High School’s annual giving program. It is the cornerstone of advancement and the most important source of financial support for Austin. The Austin Fund enables us to keep tuition affordable for students while providing an exemplary education. Giving to the Fund is the best way possible for alumni, parents, parents of alumni and friends to help make a difference in the future of Austin and its students.

Every gift to the AUSTIN FUND matters. Percentage of participation in a school’s annual giving fund is often viewed as the level of people’s commitment to the school and its mission. Corporations and foundations are more likely to add their financial support when alumni and parent support of both current students and graduates is high. Giving back to your alma mater means students on campus today benefit from the alumni that have come before them. The gift size doesn’t matter for it is the collective impact of many gifts that is substantial!

Providing Support

The Austin Fund provides unrestricted, immediate-use dollars to support the spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, and physical development of Austin students as well as the professional development of faculty.


Tuition covers approximately 70% of the actual cost to educate a student. The Austin Fund provides additional revenue to create and sustain academic programs and extracurricular activities, financial aid and scholarships, and the needs to continue to meet the mission of Austin Catholic High School.

Through the generosity of donors–alumni, parents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, and friends–the Austin Fund enables financial flexibility for Austin to address top priorities and the most immediate needs of the school.

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match donations to a charity. For recognition purposes, Austin gives full credit to the donor for any gift that is matched by an employer. Please check with your company’s human resources office to see if your employer offers a matching gift program.

Austin Makes a Difference

90% of our student body is involved in a sport and/or club. Our students learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills that makes them stand out.  Even if a student has never played a sport, at Austin it is an option where our coaches help develop all levels of players.

Our focus on discipline, self-respect, and community supports all student abilities, learners, backgrounds and confidence where no student can get lost and individual spirit is embraced. Whether your student is shy and introverted or a go-getter; Austin successfully develops leaders.

From Advanced Placement and Honors courses, Robotics and Computer Science, to academic support courses; we meet every student where he/she is and support their growth academically toward their desired vocation. Graduates of Austin are currently in the military, in pre-medical school, pursuing master’s in business, studying engineering, teaching and pursing creative/fine arts degrees, working in insurance and cosmetology.  Our students arrive diversified and leave even stronger in their passions.

Did you know Austin requires a semester of public speaking? Our students learn the power of their voices to lead and make positive changed.  

Majority of Austin graduates have also taken a semester of Personal Finance, learning the intricacies of managing money, taking out loans and investing. We are not just about college prep courses!

When you make your gift, you’ll be asked to choose the areas your gift will support. So take a minute. Think it over. What matters to you? Learn more

Can’t pick a favorite? Leave it to us by selecting “Area of Greatest Need.” We’ll make sure your gift makes the most difference when and where it’s needed most.

With gifts of $1,000 or more to the Austin Fund you become a member in the St. Augustine Society.