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Circle of Gifts

When you make your gift, you’ll be asked to choose the areas your gift will support. So take a minute. Think it over. What matters to you?

Your gift to Tuition Assistance will provide assistance to students with demonstrated need. Your gift has a huge impact in helping students receive an Austin education when they may not have been able to otherwise.

Your gift to the Arts Department will support such programs like choir, art, orchestra, theater and any other program that deals with the arts.  Your donation allows us to continue to produce stellar performances and give students the opportunity to hone their talents.

A gift to the Athletics Department will help support the teams we are growing at Austin. Your donation allows us to continue to be competitive in our division by providing our student athletes with the best coaching, the best training, and build facilities and offer the best equipment.

A gift to the STEAM Program will help support the integrated approach through arts and science in classroom lessons; it connects academic skills to practical application so learning becomes more meaningful to our students in their everyday lives and encourages them to think about what they are learning in a more connected, holistic way.

Teachers make all the difference in a student’s education. Your donation to Faculty Development will allow our teachers to attend professional development and continuing education courses that will allow them to remain in the forefront of education.

Your donation to this area will support projects deemed as having the Greatest Impact for that year. Donations here allow us to prepare for any emergencies that may occur during the school year and provide for any unexpected needs.