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Renewable Energy? Big Fans at ACHS!

ACHS Seniors build wind turbine for steam capstone cohort

The STEAM Capstone Cohort at Austin Catholic High School allows seniors the opportunity to plan, develop and build a product that could help solve real world problems. The project is meant to inspire the student’s creativity and demonstrate their understanding of the many cross-curricular courses they have taken.


“We are here to make a difference,” said Laura Hayden, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) coordinator at Austin. “We are taking a global problem to the local level.”
Yesterday, the seniors took advantage of the windy day and set up their wind turbine for a test. The students watched as the wind turbine began spinning and then used the voltmeter to measure the output. Between the treadmill motor and the drill motor, the wind turbine was putting out a collective 5V, enough to run the battery they will be using!
Class of 2021: 3D Prosthetic Hands & e-NABLE approval.

2023 Project Description:

For our STEAM Capstone cohort, we have assembled a working wind turbine using a recycled treadmill motor and have attached a secondary wireless drill motor to double the output. Once the wind turbine is fully weatherproof, we will wire both motors to a combiner box and a solar charge controller, attaching both to a large battery. We are also planning to connect a secondary battery that connects to an external light, illuminating the Mary statue in the courtyard at all times. When the battery that powers the light runs out, it gets switched with the battery attached to the wind turbine, allowing it to be recharged.  ~Kasi W. (Class of ’23)