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Safe Environments


It is the goal of ACHS to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all who enter our facilities. Fire, Lock-Down and Tornado Drills are conducted throughout each school year.  These drills are recorded on the PDF below.

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Protecting God’s Children / Called to Serve

The Archdiocese of Detroit takes seriously every allegation of sexual abuse and exploitation. We are committed to protecting children and adults from harm. Our Safe Environment program is in place to help prevent sexual abuse within our community and to heal the wounds of past victims.

AOD Safe Environment Website


In the days following the tragedy in Florida, school safety is on the minds of students, parents, teachers and community members. This is a reminder of a resource we have in Michigan, OK2Say, where tips can be submitted anonymously through the following channels:


Call: 8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729)

Text: 652729 (OK2SAY)

Email: OK2SAY@mi.gov

Online: OK2SAY.com

Mobile App: Google Play and iTunes


Remind your students, parents and teachers of this resource. Below is an e-mail that was sent from the Ok2Say office last week.

E-mail Sent from the Ok2Say Office:


In the wake of the school tragedy in Florida, many people are wondering how they can keep their schools safe.  Others in Michigan, have been contacting our office for more information, resources (banners, posters, etc.) and to inquire how to schedule a free OK2SAY presentation.

For those who may not be aware, in 2014 the Michigan Attorney General’s office implemented a student safety initiative called OK2SAY.  OK2SAY is a program that ensures every student, parent, teacher, and community member has access to a safe and confidential way to report any concerns about their safety or the safety of others.  OK2SAY operates as an early warning system in our schools to help stop tragedies before they start.

Remind your students that they have a confidential way to report a safety threat.  OK2SAY is operational 24/7: Submit a tip using email, mobile app, telephone, text message, or through the OK2SAY website.

When students make the courageous decision to break the code of silence and speak out against harmful behavior, they equip authorities with the information needed to respond to threats and avert tragedy. And that’s a good thing for Michigan schools, communities, and families.

2022-2023 Drill Report

AOD Schools COVID Safety Plan