Minds to Lead – Hands to Serve – Hearts to Love


Joe Anlauf


586-200-0143 Email

Joe Bongiovanni

Athletic Director

586-200-0143 Email

Mary Brown

Science Dept.

586-200-0143 x313 Email

Brett Coppens

Director of Operations

586-200-0143 x214 Email

Janel Coppens

Head of School/ Principal

586-200-0143 x101 Email

Cynthia Corey

Advancement Director

586-200-0143 x204 Email

Frank Slanczka

Fine Arts Dept.

586-200-0143 x301 Email

Shawn Hodgins

Religion Dept.

586-200-0143 x131/320 Email

Dan Langolf

Social Studies Dept.

586-200-0143 x324/317 Email

Susan Kosinski

English Dept.

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Melanie LeDuc

English Dept.

586-200-0143 x121 Email

Katie Howell

Band/Music Director

586-200-0143 x302 Email
Ms Balzano

Carolyn Balzano

Guidance Counselor

586-200-0143 x119 Email
Mr Hansknecht

Stephen Hansknecht

Math, Science & STEAM

586-200-0143 x304 Email
Mrs Schulz

Lisa Schulz

Theology, Pyschology, Physical Education, Archery, RAK Club

586.200.0143 ext. 320 Email

Jenna Kokenos

Business Office

586-200-0143 x200 Email

Kris Sredich

English Dept.

586-200-0143 x318 Email

Andrea Gabbard

Math Dept.

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Lynn Krause

Front Office

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Claudia Lopez

Foreign Language



Daniel Rigney

Social Studies Dept.

586-200-0143 x322 Email

Rosa DeMaria

Mathematics Dept.

Ron Glodich

Science Dept. / Athletic Dept.

586-200-0143 x131/104 Email

Laura Hayden

STEAM Coordinator

586-200-0143 x131/312 Email