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About Austin

What Makes Us Different

Dear Parents and Students:

Over the last eight years I have been witness to the Austin Advantage – the powerful transformation from child to young adult in our graduates. Even though I see it as an educator, it wasn’t until watching this as a parent myself, that I truly began to see the power of what we do here at Austin.

The leadership, confidence, and critical thinking that have developed in my own son is testament to the work of our staff.  Recently an Austin parent said to me: “Yes, Austin is small. But do you want your child to be a small fish in a big pond; or a big fish in a little pond?”

What are you looking for in deciding on a high school for your child?   

Janel M. Coppens – Head of School

What matters most to you, I guarantee also matters to us.


  • Safety and security of all students and staff; where discipline and respect for all are followed
  • Personal, 1:1 connection with each student. At Austin you are a name, not a number.
  • Preparation for your vocation — whether it be college, trade school, or straight into the workforce.
  • Development of the whole person: mind, body and spirit.
  • Fostering discipline, leadership, compassion, and confidence.
  • Embracing individuality while inspiring peace and community.

Sound familiar? These are our goals at Austin that not only drive our daily decisions and activities; but these are also our results. Our graduates leave prepared for today’s expectations and demands and the ability to lead and think.

Austin’s academics focus on experiential learning and critical thinking.  We are committed to educating students today, with the knowledge and faith that will influence the world of tomorrow.  To do so we continue to build our technology integration and cross-curricular models of instruction through STEAM and a collaborative staff, all while instilling digital citizenship and spirituality. An Austin education emphasizes the ability of our students to work together in community, to grow in friendship, and above all to recognize that final goal to which we are all called: perfect and lasting happiness with God.  From co-taught courses on science and religion, or forensic science and law; to a fully integrated STEAM class called “Innovation Capstone” Austin is breaking tradition and bridging contemporary education with traditional values.

The extra-curricular activities available continue to grow as the student body grows.  Every student has a voice and has leadership potential at Austin.  Did you know 80% of our student body plays a varsity sport? 95% are involved in a club or organization?  With a variety of clubs and student organizations and 12 varsity sports teams, Austin is more than meets the eye.

We may be small, but we are mighty!

That is why our graduates continue to earn millions in scholarships and aid. Last year alone our 22 grads earned over $3.9 million (approx. $177,000 per student).

As a parent and Augustinian educator, I am blessed to both work in this remarkable environment with amazing colleagues, but also to experience it as a parent and member of the community.  I am proud to say, “We are Austin” and I am forever grateful that my own son is becoming a big fish here in our little pond.

Whatever you may be looking for in your own child’s education, please don’t be fooled by our size and age. Come see what the Austin Advantage is with your son/daughter.

Minds to Lead – Hands to Serve – Hearts to Love!

Yours in Christ,
Janel M. Coppens
Head of School