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Transfer Students


Transfer Students

Austin warmly welcomes transfer students who, for whatever reason are looking for a new school to call home.  Families interested in transferring their son or daughter are welcome to apply at anytime. Transfer students must complete a three part application process which includes the following:

Transfer Policies

  • Students who are suspended or expelled from a public or private school as the result of a legal or moral infraction will not be accepted into any grade at Austin Catholic.
  • All transfer students entering Austin Catholic will sign a contract, along with their parents/guardians, agreeing to follow all school regulations and to participate in the Faith Life of the school.
  • Termination of transfer students can occur at any time if they were accepted at Austin Catholic under false pretenses or falsifying information relative to their acceptance.
  • Please be aware that Austin Catholic contacts the student’s previous school as soon as a transfer application is received.
  • Transfer students in 12th grade are accepted on limited basis.
  • The MHSAA and CHSL transfer rules apply for students wishing to play sports.