Minds to Lead – Hands to Serve – Hearts to Love


Austin’s commitment to providing rigorous curriculum that is individualized has never been more apparent than our STEAM program. Encouraging our students to go beyond STEM (the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and into the STEAM, a holistic education philosophy that also embraces the arts allowing for a depth of application and understanding. Courses range in traditional subjects to team taught cross-curricular courses and also inquiry research and project based learning cohorts. Austin faculty have collaborated with STEM leaders from University of Notre Dame, University of Detroit Mercy, Engineering Tomorrow, First Robotics, and more to develop the program.

STEAM Courses:

In addition to traditional math, science and technology courses offered at Austin the following are courses
developed to inspire students’ creativity and understanding of STEM careers and the integration of the subject
matters as applied in the real world and multiple careers.

Intro to STEAM

Intro to Robotics

Faith, Science and Reason (team taught / cross curricular)

Advanced Robotics

AP Computer Programming

STEAM Innovation Cohort

STEAM Capstone