Minds to Lead – Hands to Serve – Hearts to Love


True to our Augustinian pedagogy and philosophy of education, Austin Catholic offers a variety of retreats for students, faculty/staff and parents. Each retreat is designed for the specific audience, with grade-level, house level and all school retreats focusing on the needs of the particular group.

Senior/Freshman Unitas Retreat

This intense retreat exposes the seniors to leadership, team building, and facing their fears before the school year even begins. A three-day, over-night experience combines team-building, ziplining, climbing towers, ropes course, prayer and senior year planning. The freshman arrive on day three to be welcomed into our community. Senior leaders guide and support the new students through various obstacles and ropes elements. Attending the same retreat as a 9 th grader and 12 th grader allows the faculty and student to gauge the growth of our students over the four years.

Freshman Core Values Retreat

Each winter our 9 th graders experience a mini SAVI (student Augustinian values institute) where they delve into the core values of an Augustinian school, the life of St. Augustine, and reflection on their own restlessness and a young adult.

Sophomore & Junior Retreats

Sophomores and Juniors are required to attend two one-day retreats that are designed to guide and encourage students on their spiritual journey. Students will reflect and evaluate their experiences while incorporating social justice issues that face our world today. Each retreat will be focused more deeply on our core values of truth (veritas) and/or love (caritas).

Senior & Junior Kairos Retreat

Seniors are required to attend the annual Senior Kairos retreat, an overnight intense spiritual experience.

Safe Environments for Teens

Called to Serve, Called to Protect and Circle of Grace are retreats mandated by the Archdiocese of Detroit and are included in the yearly retreats for all students. Certificates of completion are issued to students and a copy of the certificate is placed in their permanent file.

Faculty/Staff Retreats

Each year our faculty and staff spend two days engaged in reflection, team building, and spiritual/faith enhancement. Faculty and staff attend various off campus retreats including the Augustinian Values Retreat (see link).

AVR (Augustinian Values Retreat) for Families, Staff and Community

Examining the questions of: “Who is St. Augustine? Why are we an Augustinian school? and What it means to be Augustinian Catholics,” this one day intense retreat is focused on educating our parents, grandparents, new staff, friends of Austin and general community about Augustinian values. Participates experience time for reflection, prayer and interaction with other participants.