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Forensic Science Workshop



Do you like to solve mysteries? 

Ever wonder what a crime scene investigator does?

Are you interested in law enforcement?

What about a career in science investigation?

You are invited to attend the


4th Annual
Forensic Science Workshop

Presented by National Honor Society Students
at Austin Catholic High School


Wednesday, March 30th


The ACHS National Honor Society has hosted their Forensic Science workshop for local 5th graders since 2016.  This year the NHS students decided to offer an evening session for 5th thru 7th graders for students from local public schools or homeschool so they may experience the workshop.  Student attendees will be put through the life of crime scene investigatorsFirst, students will be debriefed on a crime that has occurred.  Then, this two-hour workshop will take the students through a series of experiments in which they use science to solve a mystery.  Upon collection of evidence, students will carry out four hands-on laboratory experiments guided by our NHS students including:

  • Glass Density Testing
  • Microscopic Hair Analysis for Species Identification
  • Fingerprint Analysis
  • Crime Scene Sketching

By analyzing evidence found at the crime scene students can determine the culprit!  Infused with some humor and young adult role models, we seek to inspire students to find real world connections to science and math. Please note: although all area 5th, 6th, and 7th graders are welcome; the workshop content and activities are not intense as they are geared toward the maturity and knowledge of a 5th grader.

Workshop is capped at 100 paticipants, so register soon!